Monday, 17 December 2007

Incomplete without a title....

Start time: 4:06 AM

I was just wondering... why is a blog post so incomplete without a title? Why does everything need a title? A painting, a book, apparently a blog entry, a TV show, a movie, a cartoon, a graphic, a song... everything everything everything. It all has to have a "title"! WHY?? Why can't we just call anything NOTHING...just leave it completely blank? Not call it anything. Not give it a name.
Imagine going to a store and picking out a perfume, spraying it on your wrist, smelling it and loving it... you think you want to buy it and you check for a "name" ... and there's nothing there. Completely blank. You ask the shop assistant what this divine smelling perfume is called and the assistant just shrugs... you ask them to check on its packing and she / he shows it to you and it's completely blank. Just a blue colour pack. Will that stop you from buying it? Just because it doesn't have a name? It won't stop me. If I listen to some kind of music I like I'll just go ahead and buy that album of the band-that-doesn't-have-a-name. Will you not buy condoms if they don't have a name? I won't stop myself from getting anything that has not been given a title or a name..

What the hell am I even going on and on about! It's 4:00 in the morning, ofcourse I'm just blabbering. I just wrote something for the heck of it. So that I am motivated to actually write something.

My little brother has an extremely annoying habit of waking up at completely odd hours in the morning and doing something even more odd. Odd-er if you may! He once woke me up at 5 in the morning, pointed at the blanket and said Anda (egg) *muffle muffle muffle*. Woke ME up at 5 in the morning!

Then there was one time he got up and told me he couldn't sleep while the whole time he actually was sleeping... and I asked him what the problem was, he drifted back to sleep. Idiot. There was also another episode where he got up and said "he liked that ending". All this always way past 4 AM. Ive written this because he just did something like that right now. He got up looked around and went back to sleep. The weird thing is, he only does that when he sleeps with me. lol.

Anyway I guess I should just switch off this damn laptop, go pee and then sleep.

End time : 4:20 AM